Scientists have made a final conclusion aboutmysterious anomaly of the Baltic Sea

Scientists decided to put an end to the case of the Baltic Anomaly
the seas, so they sent their group of divers to take samples from this
mysterious underwater object.

Soon they published the official conclusion: according to the analysis
samples taken it turned out that the mysterious anomaly for the past six years
harassing researchers of all stripes, especially ufologists,
is just a glacial rock formation

Baltic Sea, or at least most of it,
emphasize scientists, formed by the movement of ice at that
far from us time. Naturally, at the bottom of this northern reservoir
you can find the most bizarre formations, some of which
may even resemble some geometric shapes, for example,
a circle, which is why the mysterious object was taken for a UFO.

Representatives of the Swedish team “Ocean X” made
a categorical refutation of the findings of orthodox scientists. Swedes
reasonably assumed that for such a clearly customized
statements most likely to the bottom of the Baltic Sea no one even
descended because otherwise the expert divers would have come across
same as Ocean D divers (electronic equipment near a UFO
stops working, even the lights go out). Can it really lead?
Swedish rock formations ask themselves

Moreover, a professional geologist of the team “Ocean X” Steve
Weiner had already studied a sample taken from a mysterious object, and his
conclusions dramatically diverge from the current official statement
orthodox. The geologist is sure that this is by no means natural.
geological formation, and some strange alloy, which is not
while on earth. Therefore, the latest statement of academic experts
the scientist regarded it simply as an attempt to close a delicate for them
topics, giving her just such an official assessment – almost
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