Scientists have managed to restore a unique manuscript withusing a particle accelerator

It turns out not only under a layer of paint pictures or icons can
discover another older work specialists
Stanford University United States for example
contrived on medieval parchment with christian text
Psalms find a much earlier and even much more valuable text.

It turned out that approximately in the 6th century unknown
now the scientist has translated and written a book on this parchment
ancient greek surgeon galen. This was done in the monastery
St. Catherine. After a thousand years, a unique translation manuscript was
scraped off, the benefit of parchment allows you to do it quite easily.
Christian texts were later written on this “clean sheet”.
Researchers suggest that this was not done for the purpose
destruction of the ancient manuscript, but due to a shortage of paper.

This parchment has long been suspicious that it stores in
imagine some secret, however, processing the manuscript with ultraviolet and
infrared radiation gave nothing. And then the specialists
Stanford University applied an innovative method –
рентгеновское обследование пергамента с using a particle accelerator,
which they conducted in the SLAC laboratory. This allowed the expert
get to the bottom of the Syrian text hidden in parchment. So here
the image of the ancient Greek surgeon was restored.

We must assume that the new method of examination of ancient manuscripts
on parchments will reveal many interesting things that are hidden under
secondary, much less valuable and interesting records …

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