Scientists have opened a mysterious black sarcophagus inEgypt

Egyptian scientists managed to open a mysterious 30-ton sarcophagus
black granite found recently in Alexandria.

Recall that the intriguing find was made at the beginning of the current
months right in the middle of a residential area during construction work.
Not far from the stone coffin, the builders discovered the marble head
statues and some other ancient artifacts. To the site of the excavation
left archaeologists, cordoned off the territory and began to study

The unusual size and color of the sarcophagus quickly attracted attention
journalists and newspaper workers, along with experts, began to guess that
is located in a granite box. There were suggestions that there
the remains of the king, Pharaoh or even Alexander himself are buried
Macedonian, whose grave has not yet been found by scientists. Besides,
rumors immediately spread that the grave had still not been ransacked
for the reason that some “evil forces” are sealed in the coffin.

At first, archaeologists assumed that a lower priest was buried here,
since there are no inscriptions on the sarcophagus indicating
on the high status of the dead man. However, opening the funeral
the box, the specialists found in it three dead at once, two of
which probably belonged to a higher society. The remains were swimming in
dirty red liquid, from which the researchers concluded that the body
suffered from water entering the sarcophagus.

The Egyptians have already begun to analyze the found skeletons. By
preliminary data, one of the bodies belongs to the one killed on the battlefield
warrior. The man has a badly damaged skull and there are multiple
fractures of other bones. Probably the enemies caused him significant
damage and smashed his head with a sharp object, and countrymen buried with
honors. However, this does not explain why the warrior was buried in such
an expensive sarcophagus with two other people from another class.

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