Scientists have penetrated the astral world: what will it giveto humanity as a whole?

Sensational can be called the fact that scientists have created a device
allowing to observe the essences of the astral world. but
studies based on this invention have proven
so fantastic and unflattering that all the data were
immediately kept secret, and some – and completely destroyed.

Since many people participated in the experiment and it was conducted
for a long time, as the magazine SA Scientific
Journal “, some of his results are still in the public domain
publicity. Even the invention of a group of scientists led by
PhD Ngung Tobago of the University of Cape Town (a device with
US Patent No. US 5,253,984 B1) the powers that be could not
hide it, but they did everything possible to reduce its importance, and
research results spray in the media so that no one
paid special attention. Why?

What have shown the research scientists of the astral world

The fact is that the device of American scientists showed: consciousness
man is governed by astral entities. And they can be conditionally
divided into “dark” and “light.” And just dark entities more often.
just penetrate the aura of man and begin to manipulate him
consciousness. It is for this reason that the current generation, the most
subject to penetration into the human aura of low spirits,
becoming more aggressive, out of control, cruel, cynical
and depraved.

But not even this discovery was the worst shock for
scientists. The fact is that for their experiments they used
people of different social backgrounds, starting with criminals and cum
top leaders of many countries. So the device showed that
politicized and large
financiers (businessmen), and, the higher the rank of such an official,
oligarch, so much under the influence of black entities he is.
Criminals are just less susceptible to harmful effects.

Research scientists and their device only confirmed the known
the truth about which enlightened people knew, spoke and wrote
from time immemorial, and today they are trying to tell about it
interested readers. For example, Academician Nikolai Levashov
described in detail about all this in his book “The Last Appeal to
Humanity “, a lot of it on the Internet and video
(one of them see below), dedicated to this burning topic
(for the inquisitive mind of seekers).

What will the new discovery give to humanity? According to the same
Academician Levashov – while absolutely nothing. Discovery only
confirmed that managers at all levels (especially higher
echelons) are captured by dark astral entities, hence their
inappropriate actions, decisions, lifestyle itself. No wonder that
a normal person cannot understand why, for example, an oligarch is 40
billions of dollars that turn his children and grandchildren into
scum and drug addicts, and his own – in the bastard of society? And he at
this continues to rob its people, increasing the already huge
capital aimed practically at destroying human
societies (on wars, revolutions, drugs, debauchery, and so on).

But it turned out that everything is very simple: such people are in captivity
dark forces, it is they who direct the consciousness of these individuals, forcing
practically be demons incarnate. It is clear that these black entities
will not allow such inventions to change something in our
the physical world – they are not so destroyed, but the inventors themselves
let, as they say, in the spray. However, there is hope for
quantum transition that took place for our world another 5 years
back and which promises huge changes for the better, in that
including in the astral plane …

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