Scientists have proven that a person can breathe underby water

For the first time about the man-ichtiandr told in his novel “Man
amphibian “Soviet science fiction writer Alexander Belyaev. But the doctor
Boris Yegorov, who was the first of the scientists to visit the cosmos, believed
that a person can really dive deeper and breathe
there, getting oxygen directly from the water, you only need
fill his lungs with a special liquid.

Then this thought seemed to many scientists absurd. But
today the Dutch physiologist Johannes Kilstr successfully conducts
similar experiments on animals, and they confirm the idea of ​​the Soviet
cosmonaut Boris Egorov. Test mouse is pumped into the lungs
special salted liquid, rich in oxygen, and then
помещают животное в емкость с by water, где оно не может всплыть на
surface. And the mouse swims in the water like a fish, showing no

By the way, we note that in the last century such experiments
held in the USSR under the direction of the candidate of medical sciences
Vladlena Kozak. Apparently, from there, and confidence about the success of the underwater
swimming was at Egorov …

Собаки и кошки свободно дышат под by water, а человек?

But back to Johannes Kilstra’s lab. Soon the scientist
did the same experiment on a dog. And again – full

And soon the experiments showed that both cats and many others
животные могут спокойно дышать под by water легкими, наполненными
special liquid. And the cats in this experiment sometimes
voluntarily swam like fish for hours and then without any problems
reverted to air breathing.

It was all great, but here is the purpose of this experiment.
– not a cat or a dog, but a man. Is he capable of such a breath
под by water. The first volunteer was a diver with twenty years of experience
scuba diving by Frank Fallezhchik. Fearing the consequences
The subject was first filled with liquid only one lung. But Frank
felt so good that Johannes Kilstr decided, in
In the end, on a full experiment. And he again
a success!

Twenty learned doctors gathered that day to observe
this miracle, everyone was tensely following Falezhchik. And he did not file
not even the slightest sign of anxiety, and even began to help scientists,
recording all your sensations. Под by water дайвер провел несколько
hours, again swimming like a fish, and quietly getting oxygen from
water through the lungs filled with a special liquid …

As Johannes Kilstr proves today, a man with a filled
легкими специальным раствором может не только дышать под by water, но
and descend to enormous depths, at least, like saying
Once cosmonaut Yegorov, at 500-700 meters without any problems. BUT
maybe even more …

Step into the future – a race of underwater people

BUT есть ли нечто подобное в России? There are, for example, in Sevastopol
The laboratory for the study and application is now working successfully.
liquid breathing. And although this is definitely a step into the future,
similar surveys are being carried out both here and abroad.
in the interests of the navy, and not in order to master the world
the ocean. That is the reality. And still…

Recall that the great French explorer of the deep sea
Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who even invented light scuba for this purpose,
wrote that the time will come and humanity will bring a new race of people
которая сможет жить под by water, построит там города и организует
underwater civilization. The prophecies of the brave captain, like
Soviet science fiction seems to be starting to come true. True life like
always makes its own “small adjustments”: in order to live under
by water человеку, как оказалось, не нужны ни жабры, ни даже выводить
some special race of underwater people. Everything is much easier, not for nothing
the wise claimed that man was able to teleport,
to levitate, that is to move in space, to fly … But,
оказывается, он еще может и плавать под by water как рыба. And apparently
this quality will find the widest in the near future
application, and, hopefully, not only in the military …

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