Scientists have proven that small doses of alcohol are beneficial.for good health

This in no way diminishes the harm of alcohol in general, since
small doses of it that can benefit a person are not
even comparable to the concept – a moderate drinker, sometimes
drinking and the like.

The fact is that in one case alcohol is consumed
only as a medicine – in certain doses and by
a specific scheme, and in the other – this is the usual drinking for
minute pleasure (without understanding its consequences), which
rarely ends with an acceptable norm, especially in Russian
person It’s not for nothing that the Russian satirist who left us untimely
Mikhail Zadornov spoke with irony that if you got up in the morning with
deep hangover, it means that in the evening they decided to drink a pile
vodka for appetite.

However, in Scientific Reports, a group of scientists at the Center
neuromedicine of the University of Rochester under the guidance of a doctor
Maikena Nedegaard published research data that
prove that small doses of alcohol help rid the brain
from the waste of his life. This is what he says about it.

When consuming low doses of alcohol is significantly reduced.
inflammatory processes in the brain, since more intense
cerebrospinal fluid is pumped through the brain and removed
from it unnecessary waste. Thanks to this, for example,
effectively fight Alzheimer’s and other forms
dementia, not to mention the fact that wine in this case can become
excellent prevention of similar diseases. By the way, small
doses of alcohol reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and even
resist cancer.

At the same time, in this article, scientists are constantly underlined
(and even explains why this happens) disastrous effect
alcohol on the body if a person begins to use it in
unacceptable doses. And what doses do journalists ask?
же доктора Недегаарда, можно употреблять алкоголь for good health,
Are there any recommendations on this? The scientist explains that
alcohol, as a medicine, cannot be commensurate with consumption
him as a “pleasant pastime”, it is rather
a mixture that does not affect, say, the mood.

For example, you can give an example of such a therapeutic alcoholic
therapy, which has long been used by the famous singer Willy
Tokarev. He drinks 90 grams of high-quality vodka every day,
and consumes it three times a day during the meal – 30
grams. This is not felt in terms of, say, relieving stress or
excitement of appetite, such a harmless dose of alcohol is pure
drug and it is aimed at promoting health. Everything
the rest is just a binge, or even the real one

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