Scientists have published pictures of a giant snowmanon the asteroid

The scientists of the US National Space Agency decided
very unusual way to raise the population of the earth festive
mood. NASA experts have published pictures of a giant
снеговика, находящегося on the asteroid «Веста».

The diameter of this celestial body is over 525 kilometers.
Three huge round craters in the northern hemisphere of the asteroid
suspiciously reminiscent of snowman. Astronomers, of course, do not see
In this nothing supernatural and consider such a drawing on
�”Veste” is a bizarre coincidence. Ufologists also argue that all
may not be so easy.

According to the people of official science, an asteroid at one time
dropped three smaller celestial bodies, which left these
craters on the surface of Vesta. However, alternative
researchers suggest that at one of the largest sites in
the main asteroid belt of the solar system was, and maybe
there is still intelligent life. According to ufologists,
representatives of some extraterrestrial civilization use these
contiguous circles on “Vesta” as a kind
landmark. The asteroid itself can perform for “green men”
the role of the space transshipment point.

Well, the fact is that the NASA staff drew the attention of earthlings to
this asteroid in such a funny way, it can be hidden deep
meaning, say conspiracy therapists. Imagine at least a situation
when using the seemingly ordinary New Year
congratulations someone transmits encrypted signs to earthlings.
Illuminati just love to do it with the help of magazines, newspapers,
advertisements, and now asteroid snowmen. Of course it’s not
more than the guesswork of the most suspicious supporters of the theory
world conspiracy, but in our confused world everything can be …

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