Scientists have recognized lightning mysterious phenomenon

From childhood we are taught to think that the thunderstorm and its attendant
thunder and lightning are well-studied phenomena, since in textbooks everything is
it is simply and fairly clearly described. Actually with lightning
not everything is so simple. And scientists are forced to admit that they are up to
still do not know their true nature, that is, it has not yet been clarified until
the end of the mechanism of their origin.

These ordinary and such unusual lightning.

Despite the fact that this mysterious mechanism is no longer being studied
one century and scientific hypotheses suggested so much that you can
make thick volumes of books, in fact, scientists are still
pores can not solve this mystery of nature.

In order to pierce even one centimeter of air, it is necessary
charge of 30 thousand volts. Imagine now what fantastic
electric fields are necessary when discharge goes after discharge
lightning, for example, near the Venezuelan Lake Maracaibo, where the heavenly
the fire can sparkle up to 20 thousand times in one night. With this clouds,
as researchers found lightning, do not give birth (and can not
to give birth) such powerful electric fields, their energy at best
could be enough for a light spark. There is, however, the theory of A. Gurevich
– Moscow scientist of the RAS, that the causes of lightning can be
cosmic rays. But again, this is nothing more than


Fireballs — и вовсе непостижимая загадка для ученых. And although
they are recognized as “plasma formations”, the main thing is not clear –
why these plasma clots can exist in the atmosphere of a second, and
in some cases, even many minutes, although in all respects
(according to numerous laboratory experiments) without external feeding
the globular plasma substance should cool in thousandths

Scientists have even agreed that ball lightning is
just an optical effect, however there are already video documentaries
confirmation of the reality of ball lightning. However, such shooting
explain very little, putting scientists just to a standstill.

�”Lightning the other way around” – sprites just added riddles

In 1989, sprites were discovered – almost the same lightning
only at an altitude of 70-80 kilometers above the surface of the Earth.
Giant jets (a kind of sprites) reach altitude
90 kilometers away. Moreover, these cosmic lightning (“lightning
on the contrary ”, beating into space) are associated with thunderclouds. But

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