Scientists have shown the monstrous weapon of the future

Representatives of the Living Future Institute, whose members
are the space genius Ilon Musk and the legendary theoretical physicist
Stephen Hawking, held an unusual conference. Scientists decided
tell the public about the horrors that can be expected
humanity at the current pace of development of high technology. Completely
it is likely that individual weapons will soon appear in the world, from
which will be almost impossible to hide.

Turning on the video below, you can see
as a tiny quadcopter flies up to the mannequin and leaves
deep hole, crashing into his head. Now imagine that this
head of a living person. Advanced Killer Drone
artificial intelligence, can if you want to kill so here
the image of any individual, imperceptibly flying up to their victim and
hitting her skull with a powerful explosion. Such technologies
for sure will be indispensable in the war, to eliminate the “not needed”
people, for example, special services, to commit perfect
crimes, for terrorist acts and so on.

It remains to be glad that ordinary people, like you and me,
such a fate hardly awaits. Still, to commit such
attempt is required to spend a lot of effort and money, and weighty
purpose for this is needed. As the researchers of the thin world say,
dark demonic forces much more opportunities to destroy
man (even compared to the super-weapon of the future), and
hide from them is simply impossible, but just a gray
man is protected just by his grayness. He’s like that “elusive
Jack “, which no one can catch, because no one

This video was recently shown to representatives of the Organization.
Nations in Geneva. Video in plausible form
demonstrated to officials how invisible and deadly
may be a modern “smart” weapon. Such a killer drone is capable
break the window, then fly into the room and track down
necessary person. Just imagine how easy it can be.
will kill the politician, the dangerous witness or any other
an individual whose existence interferes with someone.

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