Scientists have unraveled the mystery of heavy-duty web.spider – black widow

The web, as an amazingly durable natural material, is given
interested scientists who are well aware that by creating something
like artificially, you can use such threads in medicine,
construction, aircraft and many other areas
human activities, even in culture.

The most robust web is a network of poisonous spiders,
for example, the black widow. That is why it is these arthropods, and
rather, their threads, have long been haunting researchers. And so on
days, a team of scientists at San Diego State University and
Northwestern University of the United States of America stated
that they managed to unravel the mystery of black heavy-duty web

The fact is that previous knowledge of the composition of amino acids in
forming proteins from which spiders twist their threads,
turned out to be insufficient, that is, the copy did not match
the prototype, because of what the researchers previously could not get
something like a natural web. American scientists using
nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy was able to look inside
spider protein gland at the level of the “spinning channel”, thanks to
what did they realize that a black widow creates her own heavy-duty threads on
based on a hierarchically organized protein nanocomplex, and not
from spherical protein micelles, as previously thought.

By identifying such a mistake from previous research,
American experts are confident that they are very close to
creating a prototype of a black widow’s web, and this promises in the future
big dividends because the practical use of this
discoveries – unlimited!

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