Scientists intend to “extinguish” the sun

Scientists have reported that the cause of many hurricanes is
heating tropical ocean water. This year, researchers
it became clear that the intensity of such processes is only increasing,
And the end of this is not expected.

The increase in temperature on our planet also leads to melting
glaciers, coral death, catastrophic forest fires
fires. In this regard, experts from Bedford University in
England made a loud statement that it is time for humanity
time to start aggressive geoengineering, that is, to do
active change of climatic conditions of the Earth in order to
resist global warming.

According to the British, the initial step towards this should
become muting the ultraviolet radiation coming to us
from the sun. To do this, you should provoke a modest version of the nuclear
winters, saturating the upper layers of the atmosphere with special aerosols from
sulfur dioxide. Sulfur oxide, according to scientists, will reflect
a certain amount of sunlight by sending them back to
space. This will slow the heating of the Earth’s troposphere and save
our planet from the horrendous effects of global change

While British experts are not in a hurry to implement this
project and in detail to disclose the entire technical side of its
ideas. However, their computer simulations
It shows that if in this way, the Sun, the World
The ocean will not only stop overheating, but also cool a little.
This will reduce the number of hurricanes and allow corals
restore your population. Will also stop catastrophic
melting ice, and the climate on Earth will go down in its usual course. The
more, that all this can be canceled at any time and re-enabled
The sun is at full power.

Many world scientists are convinced that geoengineering will certainly
will be an important topic of conversation and debate in the current century. WITH
On the one hand, humanity undoubtedly worsens the Earth’s climate,
and every year more and more catastrophically for biological
life of the planet. But on the other hand, if you perform any inverse
global climate change, to predict their consequences so far
is impossible. «Притушить» WITHолнце — это много серьезнее и опаснее, чем
повернуть все сибирские реки вспять, о чем некогда мечтал WITHталин,
therefore, in this case, you need not even seven, but seven seven times
measure out before you cut it “alive”. Is humanity ready for
such a fantastic step? ..

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