Scientists may have discovered in a children’s toymythical “crystal of time”

Temporal crystal, also called “time crystal”,
is a hypothetical solid capable of changing
at regular intervals own structure without
any energy flow from outside. Some scientists suggest
that the existence of such matter is impossible; others, on the contrary,
consider it to be real.

Theoretically, “time crystals” can be used in
revolutionary technologies, such as quantum computers,
atomic clocks, new generation gyros, etc.

Researchers at Yale University have found signs
temporal crystal in the most unexpected place, namely in
child’s toy. Amazing find of Americans made
completely by accident can lead to a real breakthrough in

The author of the discovery, Professor Sean Barrett, says that
borrowed from his son an ordinary children’s set for
growing different crystals and decided to create crystals
monoammonium phosphate for a completely different experience without
associated with the theme of temporal crystal. Having received them, Barrett
decided for the sake of interest to influence the grown matter
electromagnetic pulse.

The scientist’s surprise knew no bounds when nuclear magnetic
resonance revealed a signature in the structure of monoammonium phosphate
temporal crystal. However, scientists still have to spend
complex and lengthy experiments to determine
whether it is “time crystals” or something much more prosaic, and even
random (only one hundred times confirmed experience can be considered

Someone will even say that Americans are obviously engaged in
useless work, since a temporal crystal can hardly be
found in the commercial set for kids. However the most fantastic
discoveries are most often made this way: genius is always
discovers the ingenious in the most seemingly simple …

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