Scientists predict that in the near futureCrimea will be the “ice peninsula”

At least this is the conclusion reached by researchers.
Astronomical Crimean laboratory. Prognosis of course
disappointing for Russians and especially for the residents themselves
Peninsula, but it is based on observations of the Sun, which,
according to scientists, behaves exactly as before a small
the glacial period of 1645-1715.

Information about the Little Ice Age of the end of the seventeenth – the beginning
eighteenth centuries can be found not only in historical
documents, but also in works of art, for example, on
the picture of the Dutch artist Abraham Hondius “Frozen Thames”
(1677 – the date corresponds to the Maunder minimum),
a reproduction of which we suggest you look.

Observatory workers report that everything is getting to the Sun.
fewer powerful flashes, it seems to be “cooling off.” Similar observed
astronomers and in the middle of the XVII century, after which in Europe soon
severe weather set in when even in the summer it was very cold
Winters were very hard frosts.

Currently, Crimean scientists are trying with accuracy
determine when the same peninsula will capture the next small glacial
a period that will hit Europe again. This will happen by their
opinion, by about 2050, maybe a little later. Like
it’s too early to worry, especially considering the researchers write
that climate change on Earth is affected not only by the Sun, but also by
many other factors. But you need to prepare for this anyway

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