Scientists sent another message into spacealiens

Norwegian scientists sent a radio message to the planetary system
where theoretically there can be intelligent life. Single
Leyten star in the constellation Small Dog and two revolving around it
exoplanets are located about 12.36 light years from us,
so if prospective siblings get our message
and immediately respond to it, this answer will reach the Earth at least
in 25 years.

Communication with hypothetical alien targets is not
the sole purpose of this project. Experts first
намерены заложить технический фундамент для связи с aliensами
in future. American explorer of extraterrestrial civilizations Douglas
Vakoch, who helps the Norwegians, says that this procedure
will need to be repeated millions of times in order to give humanity
real chance to establish contact with the “green men”. However,
assuming that the universe is indeed infinite, such chances
may be insignificant. But still worth trying.

For sending the authors of the project have chosen 33 short
musical compositions and a wealth of information about mathematics,
trigonometry, geometry and other terrestrial exact sciences. Data
transferred to binary code and sent into space by means of a 32-meter
Norwegian antenna EISCAT 1.5 megawatts. Undoubtedly
star leytena researchers chose because she is
nearest luminary around which can rotate
inhabited by living beings exoplanets. There are other planetary
systems of this type, however, if an answer comes from there, the current
scientists just will not live to see that happy day.

Послание для aliens, которые давно уже на Земле

Напомним, что похожие послания aliensам отправляли и
earlier. And every time in the world heated disputes flared up. Does it
a handful of scientists the right to address alien civilization on behalf of
of all mankind? Is it reasonable to do this at all? Suddenly
aliensе окажутся агрессивными и, узнав о нас, прилетят
enslave our race? One of these skeptics, by the way, is
famous English astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. According to the eminent
scientist, we may be savages in the eyes of aliens, and their
meeting with us can be very similar to meeting spanish
Conquistadors with Native Americans in the conquest of America.

However, уфологи и конспирологи вообще удивленно пожимают
shrug: aliens have long been on Earth, perhaps since
dinosaurs and we all send some weird radio signals to
space for communication with them. Is this a distracting maneuver or a wide
the public or our orthodox scholars are so disconnected from
life that exist in their own, some illusory world
�”Impenetrable materialism”? ..

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