Scientists sound the alarm: in the North Atlanticwhales stopped breeding

In the North Atlantic this season, the addition of
young whales. The fact is that Eubalaena glacialis (smooth
northern whale), as well as its closest relatives Pacific and
southern whales breeding in winter. But winter has passed, and
Researchers never found a newborn whale.

This situation is observed for the first time in many decades.
observation of northern whales. Normally smooth whales for this purpose.
migrate to warmer waters, for example, to the shores of South Carolina
or to the east coast of the United States. It takes place from October to March
and in April, the whales returned to the shores of Canada — to the North already with
cubs Moreover, scientists clearly fix it every year, since
1989 whale watching with special aircraft
counting newborn marine animals that are usually
swim near their mothers. This year, surprisingly NOAA scientists
(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), new calves are not
discovered altogether.

True, it should be noted that the number of northern newborns
whales have been falling since 2012, causing NOAA concern,
however, no one could even imagine that the current season would come,
who will not give a single calf. This is what it says
Phillip Hamilton, a researcher from New England

The situation is not just alarming, but catastrophic. For today
day according to our calculations in the North Atlantic lives about 450
whales, of which at least 100 are females capable of reproduction.
Even a replenishment of 15-20 individuals, which has been noted in recent years, has not
caused optimism, since approximately as many marine
animals die in a year for one reason or another, but today’s
the situation will lead to an explicit reduction in the Eubalaena population

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