Scientists: the human mind remains activeeven after death

The results of the new scientific research state that human
the mind can function for a while after the body
ceases to show signs of life. The author is a doctor
Sam Parnia – Head of Resuscitation Research Medical
Faculty of New York University.

The scientist and his assistants talked with a lot of people who
there was a cardiac arrest and who actually died, however later
were reanimated by doctors. It turned out that many of these
the patients, being below the line of life and death, understood that their
transported on hospital on stretchers, and continued to hear conversations
doctors Researchers found out from physicians that they actually
spoke in reanimation and exactly what they heard supposedly already
dead patients.

And some of the patients even saw what was happening around them.
after cardiac arrest. Moreover, they understood perfectly well that
died, and many of them experienced a great deal about it
regret or fear.

Officially, death means precisely cardiac arrest,
when blood stops circulating through the human body and
enter the brain. However, it now appears that human
the mind can continue to remain active even after clinical
of death.

Dr. Sam Parnia says:

Technically, this is how death time is set – when
man no longer beats the heart. Believed then in the brain
the blood stops flowing and it instantly stops
to function, however we are convinced that everything is different.
Even when the body stops giving signs of life, the mind continues
work. In addition, a person can see and hear all that
going around him. This is amazing and does not fit in with any
one scientific postulate. It was also found that dying for many
people are bitter and scary, and they really want to come back to life.

Unfortunately, in these studies, not a word or half a word about those
who during clinical death went to the light, fell into
some other world, fantastic and beautiful, from which
to return to our gray and terrible reality
I wanted to, and only the angels persuaded to do this, so that the “dead”
I was able to go to the end of the earthly path he was destined to. Did not come across
For some reason, the team of researchers of Dr. Parnius and the people who
after death immediately go to real hell …

Such a feeling, say Internet users, that modern
American scientists want to find a scientific explanation for the mystical
near death experiences experienced by Raymond Moody and
his followers. Find and refute “life after life”,
and, apparently, the testimony of patients who survived clinical
death, in this case carefully filtered in favor of the chosen
�”Scientific” concept. And because of these conclusions, to put it mildly,
materialistic …

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