Scientists told how to create an atmosphereon Mars

In recent years, more and more futuristic ideas have been put forward.
colonization of mars.

Experts from all over the Earth are puzzled over how
a person could live comfortably on the Red Planet, grow
растения («и on Mars будут яблони цвести») и животных, заводить
children and engage in research. One of the most
существенных проблем, несомненно, является отсутствие on Mars
oxygen we breathe. Obviously, take it enough
the amount from Earth is not an option.

US scientists have unexpectedly found a potential solution to this.
a question. In their opinion, with such a daunting task, probably
deep-sea cyanobacteria that inhabit the World
the ocean. Thanks to the process of photosynthesis, they are theoretically capable of
extreme human conditions to absorb carbon dioxide,
releasing oxygen. The so-called blue-green algae is amazing
die hard: they are found in Antarctica, in the incredibly hot Valley
Death and even on the outer skin of the International Space

Elmars Krausz, one of the authors of the study, says:

This may sound like pure scientific to many of us.
fiction, however large space agencies and some
private companies are already interested in experiencing
our idea in practice. In theory, bacteria photosynthesis is really
способен запустить производство on Mars кислорода.

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