Scientists understand how aliens overcometime and colossal space distances

Researchers at the Andersen Institute of the United States of America
proved that, in principle, you can travel both in time and
instantly in limitless space. This mechanism is probably
use alien, more developed civilizations visiting
our earth.

For such travel, scientists say, you need to master
control of the so-called cosmic strings. This is peculiar
�”Cracks” in the universe, formed after the alleged
Big bang. For the first time, the professor spoke about cosmic strings.
Princeton University Richard Gott. However, he doubted
that our civilization can ever take advantage of such
opportunities because you need to be able to manage
ecumenical energy, while we still cannot cope with earthly energy.
We are still far from supercivilization, but suppose that such
knowledge will be provided to us by aliens, naively: they are not fools. After all, to give
such technology to us is all the same as an atomic bomb to a monkey:
we will not be able to use it properly anyway, but
to break wood of universal scale – please …

The scientists of the Andersen Institute basically agree with the arguments
Richard Gott, they simply explain the mechanism of such a move
in time and space through the use of these subtlest
pipes with incredible reserves of energy. According to them, to manage
such movements, it is enough to learn how to interact though
with one string, but optimally with two “cracks”.

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