Scotsman photographed the ghost of ElvisPresley

Murray Machardi, 57, from the Scottish city of Dundee
claims to be able to photograph the whimsical ghost
Элвиса Presley, взгромоздившийся на крышу соседнего дома. The man
I was preparing to go to the service in the morning when I suddenly noticed from
the windows of his bedroom the mysterious image of a huge man with
lush head of hair. Surprised Scot hurried to take a smartphone and
to capture the alleged person from the other world in the picture.

Murray says:

I just looked out the window and accidentally discovered this figure on
the roof. I took one shot, then enlarged it on the computer and
I realized that the phantom is suspiciously similar to the beloved “king
rock and roll. When I uploaded an image to a social network
�“Facebook” didn’t even suspect that it would cause such a stir
among internet users. People argue what it is
put forward some supernatural hypotheses or, conversely,
trying to prove that there is nothing mystical in my picture.
Некоторые даже пишут, что это вовсе не Элвис Presley, а шотландский
poet Robert Burns. I myself actually published this photo in the form
jokes, but now it also starts to seem to me that what I have done
The picture is not so simple.

Skeptics, of course, one and all declare that this
paradolic illusion. Say, the landscape behind the house neighbors
Makhardi was somewhat similar from that angle to the human torso and
head, and our imagination is already “drawing” everything else.
Doubters also note that the imaginary ghost is indeed
looks like a real giant, having dimensions several times larger
the size of an ordinary person, and this is the inveterate materialists believe
additional proof that some kind of
причудливая тень, а не дух «короля rock and roll.

But what about the ghost of Hamlet’s father, is it possible that materialists and skeptics
don’t know the classics? ..

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