Scott Waring about alien presence inSolar system

The famous Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring continues on his
site to acquaint interested readers with materials
concerning aliens and other paranormal phenomena, although
He believes that the topic of UFOs and aliens is time to withdraw from
definitions of “paranormal”, because today only the most
To backward earthlings, all this seems to be something transcendental and not scientific.
Waring’s latest publications are devoted to the topic of UFO presence and
различных следов пришельцев в нашей Solar system.

For example, in the lunar crater of Taicho, he writes, a Youtube user
Mark Savalh discovered interesting structures, clearly artificial.
origin. One object that the researcher specifically
�”Tint” in the picture in yellow, very much like
�”Millennium Falcon” from the TV series “Star Wars”. Anyway,
these structures are very ancient, it seems that the spaceship suffered here
a wreck many thousands of years ago.

I myself, continues Scott Waring, the other day in one of the photographs
Mercury also found something interesting. Pay attention to this
round structure with very regular walls that nature
never creates as they are executed strictly under direct
angle of You can have a different attitude to this find, but coupled with
all the others found both on the Moon and on Mars, it is superfluous
time proves that aliens have long been present in our
Solar system, причем их следы прослеживаются практически
everywhere, even in the Sun itself. And we are at the same time (I mean
orthodox scientists) can not find aliens on Earth, although
they are everywhere and everywhere …

As another argument to the above words, ufologist
offers to look at the video, which collected stories about meetings
with UFOs and aliens of famous astronauts: Neil Amstrong, Victor
Afanasyev, Evgenia Chermane, Scott Karperner. It is quite
informative, says Scott! Well, we look and make our own

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