Scott Waring: Curiosity captured on Mars�”Living thing with eyes”

Famous Taiwanese ufologist, conspirologist and virtual archaeologist
Scott Waring declares that he is now fully convinced of the existence
life on the Red Planet. According to a popular researcher, his
new amazing find sheds light on how look
Martians. Potentially sensational discovery caused a specialist
real excitement on many of the World Wide Web resources dedicated to
UFOs, aliens and supernatural phenomena.

On June 13 of this year, NASA’s rover Curiosity did more
hundreds of photos of the surface of Mars, and on one of them, if you believe
Waring, something quite strange was suddenly impressed. Planeboat
Twice photographed with a short interval the same
a place. The first shot shows nothing remarkable
However, in the second frame, it is not clear where the incomprehensible
a whitish spot with two dark dots suspiciously similar to

This, as the shocking ufologist suggests, is the representative
Martian civilization. And why not, Scott asks? After all
on a planet far from us, where there are completely different conditions for
life and evolution, complex organisms must evolve differently,
than on earth. Perhaps this is a bright “big-eyed spot”, consisting not
that of matter, not their pure energy, is much more
perfect being than we are with you. However, Waring does not exclude
that we can talk about some kind of Martian animal or
an insect. Here is what the researcher writes on his official

�”Kuriositi” managed to photograph on Mars something with eyes.
I looked through over a hundred photos of this place (the rover spent there
some time) and noticed among the stones a striking anomaly,
which definitely cannot be a gleam of light in the lens or
defect shooting. Perhaps this is some kind of animal that ran before
the camera. If so, then it must have been very easy and fast.
Perhaps it looks like terrestrial lizards, capable of disappearing,
burrowing in the sand. This is another proof that
Mars is full of life, and the US national space
the agency, as always, hides this interesting fact from us.

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