Scott Waring discovered on Mars “a skullhumanoid

Famous ufologist, supporter (and often the author)
conspiracy theories and virtual archaeologist Scott Waring
pleased his subscribers with a new curious discovery. Taiwan
The researcher reports that he discovered in the pictures taken
American rover “Curiosity”, white humanoid skull. By
According to a specialist, it can be like a real fragment of the remains,
and a fragment of some kind of sculpture. That’s what Scott writes on his

Only one meter from the NASA rover was roughly cobbled together
face. Is it a deformed skull of an alien (Martian),
whether a fragment of a statue once created by an ancient civilization
once existed on the surface of this planet (since there are
the opinion that it has survived until now, has only gone deep into Mars).
One way or another, I refuse to believe that this is an ordinary
stone This head is not too human
is more angular, but we don’t know how outwardly
Martians (aliens). Would NASA agree to tell about my
find the world community? Of course not! Is going to
the US National Space Agency generally recognize
that there are placers of artifacts and tank wastes on the Red Planet,
left there by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations? No way
case! Byэтому я постараюсь сам направить вас к истине, однако
I have to warn you that she may be completely different from
what do you hope.

Byследние слова Уоринга озадачили многих пользователей Всемирной
spider webs However, the Network’s regulars interested in ufology,
overwhelmingly trust Taiwanese conspiracy therapist. For his many years
career Scott Waring discovered many mysterious on Mars
creatures, remains, statues, weapons, seashells and god knows
what else. Some of these findings seriously amaze and
able to cause doubts in their views even the most
hardened skeptics.

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