Scott Waring discovered on the moon “emeraldcity”

The famous Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring reported on his new
amazing find. According to the researcher, he considered 18
July images of the surface of the moon taken by the us national
space agency, and discovered on Selena something that could
call only the “emerald city.”

These are a few greenish, rainbow and dark domes,
similar to some futuristic settlement. Specialist never
hesitated to make the most courageous assumptions, he said so –
Before us is a lunar city of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization! Here is
what Waring writes on his official website:

I do not understand why astronomers around the world ignore such
objects. However, some studies conducted by me and mine
colleagues show that NASA is paying a lot of money to many
observatories, so that they do not disseminate information about such
discoveries. It is we, the public, who are obliged to spread the truth about
existence of aliens at our side. And the truth is
that any planet in the solar system, including the moon (even
the Sun itself), populated by sentient beings ahead of us in
development: technologically and spiritually. And you can guess yourself
why they refuse to contact us.

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