Scott Waring discovered the structure on Mercuryaliens

Well-known ufologist and virtual archaeologist Scott Waring shared with
users of the World Wide Web for their new find. Specialist
studied old photographs of Mercury taken back in 1974
American automatic interplanetary station “Mariner-10”, and
unexpectedly noticed something on the surface of a distant planet
suspiciously reminiscent erected by intelligent beings
structure. Right in a large crater there is a man-made object,
created, according to the researcher, representatives of extraterrestrial
civilization. Intrigued by his discovery, Waring writes:

I was very surprised when I considered some today.
Mercury images taken back in the 70s by NASA probe
�Mariner 10. There were clearly visible structures and those that
difficult to notice with the naked eye. Structure discovered by me
inside a random crater, looks like a giant tower. I
painted it in orange to make it easier to see.
Interestingly, similar objects can be found on the moon. It turns out that
aliensе строили их на многих небесных телах Солнечной системы,
and maybe beyond. I believe that the construction of all these
the buildings they went many thousands of years. Or even millions. And we
we can only guess why these structures were created

Recall that not so long ago, Scott Waring in photographs of Mercury and
The moon discovered mysterious humanoids. Therefore, on the one hand,
A new find confirms the theory of the Taiwanese researcher
that the planets of our solar system have long been chosen
aliensами, а с другой — дает повод скептикам лишний раз
Surprise: ufologists will soon be on every space image
to find either a UFO with aliens, or their base …

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