Scott Waring found “ancientamphora

Famous Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring states that
considered August 26 images of the Red Planet taken by NASA in
2014, and unexpectedly discovered in one of the photographs “the ancient
amphora. At least among the unremarkable
Martian landscape appeared object of a similar form.

To be more precise, the discovery of the researcher is more similar to some
a large ceramic vase without handles, that is, not quite an amphora. The
However, the mysterious object is in fact suspiciously reminiscent
something man-made, such as a 2000 year old Roman vessel for
wine storage. And this is not surprising.

Waring is convinced that the us national space
the agency specifically discolors the photo of Mars to distinguish
ordinary stones from artifacts (like this, that he accidentally
discovered) was harder. Say, in fact, Red
the planet is probably similar in appearance to any terrestrial sandy desert and
has many colors besides orange, gray and

In addition, according to the Taiwanese, NASA employees set a goal
discredit ufologists and virtual archaeologists by calling
similar discoveries by paradolic illusions, optical illusions,
hoaxes and fabrications when the desired is given out, they say, for
valid. This, of course, is much easier, adds Waring, than
ourselves constantly seek out on thousands of alien frames various
anomalies to retouch them carefully. That’s how it goes
great concealment from the public of the true state of affairs in
space. Why? Nobody knows…

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