Scott Waring’s activity to someone veryinterferes

The other day a small information was published on our portal.
that the famous Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring noticed
official videos provided by NASA with the ISS that many
details of the orbital station clearly do not correspond to the required
technical level, for example, the hatches are not tight (as if
cardboard). And therefore we can conclude: the ISS is on Earth, in
some special Hollywood pavilion where many are filmed
�”Space achievements” of Americans.

The famous conspiracy theorist previously laid out on his website and on
YouTube’s video hosting is quite bold, however
�”NASA puncture” his video hosting account was right there
locked. The site of the famous ufologist didn’t be good either – a hacker was immediately organized on it
attack to hack.

Hack a popular resource ufological experts from Google,
as Waring later told his fans, however,
hackers tried to do this, which led to the restriction of work
site (Internet users were surprised to find that they cannot
log on to

Hacker attacks and blatant threats from “people in
black “, wrote a little later, Scott Warin in a letter that laid out
on their website, they are trying to shut me up, but they have nothing
will come out, it is not so easy to break me. On the other hand, all this
proves that I’m on the right track, because we have always been beaten and
they are still beating for the truth, for the curse – they are awarded high
titles, posts, prestigious awards (Nobel, for example)
and large sums of money …

And as proof that he would not give up, Scott laid out on
your site, another exposing materials, for example,
proving that american astronauts never flew
The moon and all of their videos are made in Hollywood

NASA, he writes, recently published a video allegedly from
Apollo 16 mission, however, this is already edited video. In the very
At the beginning (after 3 seconds), several frames are cut, that is, the moment
when the rover turns. I think the rover is stuck on
turnaround, and the laborer guys immediately ran out onto the stage
Hollywood in order to push it. Also note the dirt,
flying out from under the tires of a rover. She falls and fires off, as when
normal earth gravity, but it should fly 6 times longer, but
it is not. Watch the video below that was published by NASA, and
judge for yourself. In my opinion, it is designed for naive

By the way, about naivety: in the social network “Odnoklassniki”
came across a comment on Scott Waring’s stuff about the ISS, here
what someone Ivanov writes:

I never would have thought that ufology can bring to
debilizma state! Moreover, the famous ufologist! ..

So much for the reward, Scott, for all your truth and endeavors,
bordering on the risk of life. And not even from those to whom this truth
by definition, can not like, but just from those to whom she
addressed …

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