Scottish found on the Internet its “exacta copy

21-year-old Scottish student Chloe Cowan (on the left of each
submitted photos) was a few days ago shocked to
the depths of the soul.

The British sat quietly in the evening on the famous Facebook social network,
when stumbled upon an unknown resident’s profile
London, which looks exactly the same on all of its pictures.
like our heroine. And this is not an exaggeration. And,
suspiciously similar external data girls, as it turned out a little
later is not the only thing that binds them.

A student named Hani Bazra, also 21 years old, accepts
in each of his pictures the exact same pose as Chloe. Besides,
she dresses in very similar outfits. How is this possible, Cowan
does not understand. Girls are not familiar and definitely are not friends,
not to mention kinship. Chloe could not believe her eyes
when for almost every photo on Facebook I found
similar frame with the image of Hani.

Of course, Cowan decided to write a compatriot and
ask her what the reason is so incredible
matches However, Bazra has not yet responded to any
message of his “twin”, although it appears on the Internet

Now frightened, Chloe is already planning to turn to
the police because they suspect the stranger is spying on her
Network, copying all her pictures. This, however, does not explain why
girls look like twin sisters. Maybe the situation is far from
so simple and prosaic, as it may seem at first glance?
However, doubles – a phenomenon in the world is quite frequent. Another thing,
how they perceive the meeting with each other. In this case
something really strange is happening …

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