SD cards up to 128 terabytes of memory are being replacedHDD and SSD drives

As soon as computers appeared in the world, and then mobile
devices, for their users, there was always an acute question
drives data. And if at first people were more interested
the amount of hard drives, then further to the forefront of requirements
along with the volume came out the data transfer rate and naturally
durability of such a device.

Along with the usual hard drives for all HDD now everything
SSD drives and SD cards are more widely used. Moreover, the latter, with
opportunities to expand their volume to ever-increasing need
modern users and high data rates could
would become the most preferred devices – because of its
compactness and removability.

It is this coveted SD card up to 128 terabytes and with
data transfer rates of 985 megabits per second introduced on
mobile industry exhibition Mobile World Congress company SD
Association. Here is what President Hiroyuki said about this.

New compact memory cards in the format SD Express will be
Available in three types – SDHC (32 GB), SDXC (2 TB) and SDUC (128
TB), and their availability will be normal, that is, as SD and
microSD. Using NVMe and PCIe protocols allows you to competently
increase the data transfer rate since they are both widely
apply today – this technology is available exclusively for
all types of mobile devices. And although new memory cards
support many known standards, the maximum
performance will be achieved only with compliance
devices standard SD Express.

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