Search engines found the mysterious skull of a soldierBOB

As we all know and really appreciate it, search engines
these real enthusiasts and patriots are still engaged
excavations of unburied soldiers of the Great Patriotic War.
Sometimes they come across not only interesting, but even
mystical finds.

For example, most recently in the Rostov region near the river Mius, where in
1942 were fierce battles with the Nazis, rushing to
Caucasian direction, search engines found in the land of a soldier who
lay with a rifle in his hands next to his companion. Around the body
a lot of spent cartridges were found, which speaks of a fierce battle,
in which both this man and his comrades have perished.

It would seem, nothing supernatural, if not for one “but”:
on the skull of a dead soldier can be traced (see photos) faces
Orthodox saints and angels. It’s been seventy-five years since
pores, how did they appear on the skull and are still excellent
Are these images preserved?

Of course, all the soldiers who gave their lives for our homeland can
canonized saints, no one even argues with this, however
the researchers do not allow such a miracle – then at least
such images were often found on other turtles killed in
Great Patriotic War. But this is not and cannot be. how
did this happen to this soldier?

Some scientists believe that this man may have worn under
Kaska image of the saints, the colors of which eventually moved to the skull.
All this is possible in principle, but as they say professional
artists, even this one is a real miracle if you consider all the conditions
�”Body content” and the time he spent in the raw earth. To that
same, paint on images, for example, on paper, a scarf or embroidered
icon, were the colors of the Soviet era (even the XIX century), far
not as high-quality as, say, in ancient Egypt (according to
analogies where artifacts with well-preserved
paints). Such paints shed even in the open air, losing their
significance. And then – the land, dampness, temperature drops, finally
microbes. It’s easier to believe in a divine miracle …

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