Seasons on a cozy fabulous islandLapland

Когда мы слышим слово Lapland, в сознании сразу же возникает
fabulous northern country where the Snow Queen of Hans lives
Christian Andersen. However, few people know that Lapland –
the real territory of the Sami, the exciting northern part today
Finland, as well as the territory of Norway, Sweden and Russia.

In the small town of Rovaniemi, which, nevertheless, is
столицей финской Lapland, живет талантливый фотограф Jani
Ylinampa (Yani Yulinampa). For over fifteen years now
Jani shoots natural wonders of Suomi: the cleanest lakes of this northern
edges, really fabulous its forests, fascinating sunrises and
sunsets, as well as the unique sky dances of the northern lights.

Today we invite you to get to know his one more
fantastic composition – “Seasons on the island of Kotsaari”.
Cozy tiny piece of land on the Kemijoki River, which is
Constantly the base of lumberjacks who are engaged in smelting wood for this
Finnish waterway, attracted masters of artistic photography
far from random.

Jani was fascinated by the piercing beauty of this picturesque place,
perfectly revealing in all seasons, harmonizing and
cleansing the soul of man. That’s what the author himself thinks.
photos that he took with the help of a drone, showing us
as far as the island of Kotsaari is magnificent both in winter and spring, and
in the summer, and especially in the golden autumn.

However, see for yourself and appreciate the charm of a fabulous
Lapland. I wonder what season do you think islet
Is Kotisaari the most beautiful and inimitable? ..

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