Seer Susan de Vere told what to expectworld in the near future

Clairvoyant Susan de Vere, who accurately predicted many
events in the world, including the American tragedy of September 11
2001, again informs humanity of the disturbing news received
her from the future in her visions.

However, giving an interview to British journalists the other day, she immediately
same warned that upcoming events can not be interpreted
unequivocally, such concepts as “possible” or
�“It is worth preparing for this,” than “by all means” and “really nothing
cannot be changed. “

About the third world war

The Third World War, which the United States is so keen on, exacerbating
conflict with the DPRK may well occur. And if this happens, not
God forbid, Kim Jong-un will pull China along with itself, after which
say almost with absolute certainty from the Western
civilization will be over.

The war, as far as I saw it in my visions, will begin suddenly
and will not last long, however, and during this time will be blown up,
at least two atomic bombs (or rockets) that will destroy
a lot of people and even more – will be crippled and left in the tragic

Vladimir Putin will do his best to curb America from
of this fateful step, however, he most likely will not succeed
reason with Trump, whom all this will only piss off and
stir it up …

About Yellowstone Supervolcano

Susan de Vere believes that the US leadership will try
blow up Yellowstone, the military are already preparing to lay bombs under it,
which provokes three eruptions instead of one. However it is not
surely will lead in the world tragedy, most likely, no
there will be no atomic winter and all other peaceful disasters, although
North America will get from such explosions to the full
the program.

By the way, in the media constantly appear information that supervolkan
Yellowstone is about to explode, as indicated by numerous pushes.
(a record for all past years) and many other forerunners of this

However, the clairvoyant herself believes that humanity should be afraid
not so much Yellowstone as other volcanic eruptions and
earthquakes, for example, she saw the strongest earthquake in
Italy, another will happen in the ocean, causing a terrible tsunami,
which will head towards Australia. That is, the world will be constantly
shake various natural disasters, and only
the people themselves, who in their madness have forgotten about the main thing – love and
compassion for neighbor.

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