Sergey Lavrov: serious military conflictbetween Russia and the United States will not

We invite you to watch an interview with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov,
which he gave to Dmitry Kiselev – director of the IIA Russia Today. AT
this conversation, the Russian politician touched on the main topics of today’s
of the day:

  • about the collapsed “case of Skripale”, with which Britain is still
    worn like a fool with a written sack;
  • about falsification by the West of a chemical attack in the SAR – and
    what an embarrassment came of it;
  • on the planned summit of the President of the United States and the leader of the North
    Korea kim jong un;
  • and the most burning question is why the confrontation between
    Russia and the United States can not lead to a serious military conflict.

The main thing, stressed Sergey Lavrov, that all provocations against
Russia, and at the same time, Syria, who are satisfied with the West, are falling apart
like a house of cards. This also applies to the “Scripal case” and the mythical
chemical attack in the SAR. In addition, we see that the guide
many countries in Western Europe are beginning to gradually become sober from
political intoxication. And even the US President Trump is gradually
builds a more rational world politics. About it
eloquently even his forthcoming summit with Kim Jong speaks

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