Several dozen UFOs flew overMichigan

Residents of the US state of Michigan witnessed the other day
amazing phenomenon. In the evening sky near the busy
Roads appeared a few dozen unidentified flying objects.
UFOs were like a string of glowing balls hovering over
by land.

Many motorists stopped to capture
amazing sight on video, or filmed it from the windows of their cars.
By turning on the video shown below, you can see these
mysterious footage with his own eyes. According to ufologists and
conspiracy the, this another documentary evidence,
that the “flying saucers” are absolutely real.

Eyewitnesses say that many people who are on this
freeway, decided to capture the shining balls in the photo and video.
Some motorists even wished to head towards
unidentified flying objects to see them better. Alas,
what this bold but reckless initiative has led to, we don’t
we know

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