Several white vertical UFOs in the sky over Chileas if slowly falling down

The following frames were taken on May 17th in Chilean
the city of Las Cabras.

An eyewitness to this phenomenon noticed at least six in the sky.
unidentified flying objects that look like vertical white
strips or cylinders. The operator had the impression that they
slowly fell to the ground. Perhaps these light lines were
traces left by a UFO in the air.

Unusual material interested many ufologists from different
countries. Here is what, for example, a well-known Taiwanese specialist writes
Scott Waring:

A whole flotilla of alien aircraft entered the atmosphere
Earth Awesome video. Chile is definitely the last
time “hot spot” for representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. BUT
because it requires close attention from ufologists,
if so much attention is paid to her by aliens.

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