Shadow essence hit the camerasecurity

User of the popular social news resource “Reddit”
under the pseudonym brocktavious laid out in the section of the site dedicated to
ghosts and other supernatural phenomena, small but
very interesting video. According to the man below
ролик был недавно получен камерой security в учреждении, где
his sister works. The latter is convinced that her place of service
essence, fortunately, not causing anyone harm.

Mysterious entry shows closed translucent doors,
behind which is clearly a human figure. Unexpectedly she
literally flies through this barrier and at tremendous speed
carried off somewhere forward, disappearing from the camera’s view. Despite
the fact that the quality of the video leaves much to be desired, moving
strange dark silhouette is clearly visible on these frames. A lot of
“Reddit” users decided that it really was something

Other commentators are convinced that it’s all about
insect crawled on the lens. However, brocktavious and his
relative reluctant to believe in such materialistic
explanation. Brother and sister believe that this was a representative
legendary shadow folk who can sometimes be seen
peripheral vision or capture on camera like this and
happened this time. And what theory do you follow for this?
what about you?

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