Sheep in Norway teleport

Norwegian law enforcement puzzles over the mysterious
a few days ago, 240 kilometers from
Oslo. From the field of one of the local farmers 4 sheep disappeared, and under the
shepherd supervision. Stole Roven, the owner of the cattle, was forced
go to the police, but the guardians of the law just threw up their hands:
there were no traces of the abduction at the scene.

However, very soon after this the missing animals were
unexpectedly discovered 80 kilometers from the owner’s farm, right on
parking in front of a large shopping center. All of them
turned out to be safe and sound. Identify sheep managed by ear
tags. The mystery is how cattle managed to overcome so quickly.
so impressive distance. The police doubt that some
The attacker stole the sheep from Rowen and took them to this place:

  • first, to turn such a crime, he
    would require a good race car;
  • secondly, steal four sheep under the shepherd’s nose so that he
    I did not notice this, it is something from the realm of fantasy;
  • thirdly, why would anyone steal sheep, transport them and
    then leave your prey?

Law enforcers joke that sheep are simply
teleported themselves. However, as far as this joke is
from the truth? There are many cases where animals disappeared.
straight from the stables and barns, carried over many kilometers. Alone
It is believed that representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations are to blame. By
opinion of others, we are talking about secret government experiments.
Others believe that we all live in the so-called
�“Matrix”, and such anomalies are the results of failures in its

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