Shop clamp loses homemade on allindicators

Spring is in the yard, soon residents of villages and towns, as well as
numerous summer residents rush to the gardens, on their land
plots that bring Russians not only food
superior quality, but also moral satisfaction, give a huge
cheerfulness, prolong life, making it more generous to simple
human happiness is the joy of every passing day.

But the dacha is not only life satisfaction, numerous
achievements and successes, but also all sorts of problems that have to
solve almost daily. And among such everyday problems –
watering the dacha, working with garden rubber (plastic)
hoses, which is sometimes complicated by the lack of good stores
and reliable clamps capable of maintaining a normal water pressure.

And here the old, proven
many years of experience
wire and pliers. The only thing that depresses in this regard –
working with the pliers is not very convenient, often the wire is just
breaks from twisting, it requires some experience, skill and
sometimes even simple luck. Otherwise, this work has
redo several times, remembering again more convenient
Shop clamps. Comfortable, more elegant (the wire is also
interferes on the hose sometimes) yes … unreliable.

Is it possible to connect the reliability of the wire connection with
convenience store clamps? It turns out – yes, but for this
it is necessary to make an uncomplicated mechanism for twisting wire –
hose clamp

It has a thumb mechanism that makes it easy, tight
and securely tighten the wire on the hose. Moreover, after such
connections can be made using electrical tape, selected by the color of the hose,
generally achieve the perfect aesthetic appearance of such a compound,
which, even unlike in-store clamps, will look
�”Much more elegant”: it will not be noticeable at all, let alone
already about the dangers of wire ends.

Watch a video from Brian Davison about it, make your own
a clamp (for this, as the author of the video claims, no need
factory effort), and you will be – happiness!

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