Shot down in 1947, the Roswell UFO wasmade in Germany

People need to understand that the UFO phenomenon is no
a phenomenon. The universe is huge, damn it, and life exists in it

This is the opinion of the famous American
musician Tom Delong, who left in 2015 the most successful rock band
�”Blink-182″ to devote oneself entirely to professional
the study of UFOs and extraterrestrial life forms.

Many thought the musician was a child, but a year later he
received the prestigious award “Ufolog of the Year” and announced a crowdfunding
campaign to raise money for the construction of a spacecraft
the only purpose of which is to research unidentified
flying objects. More precisely, “advanced air threats”, as
now they are called Delong and many of his colleagues. In this way,
American desire to learn all the unearthly remains unshakable.

The other day, Tom was the guest of the Internet show “The Joe Rogan Experience”.
Talking to moderator Joe Rogan, the ufologist made a curious
statement about the legendary Roswell incident. According to Delong,
�”Flying saucer”, shot down in July 1947 by the US military
in the state of New Mexico, belonged to Germany. German engineers
took possession of alien technologies during World War II
and managed to create on their basis their own aircraft –
unearthly in its essence. True, they are somewhat late with the massive
its production …

After losing the war, the Nazis, along with Hitler, moved to
Argentina, and from there they launched their “flying saucers”, which,
It seems, they scurried around the world, including spying on
United States. However, the US military noticed UFOs and
safely shot down one of them.

It turns out that if, due to the Roswell incident, the Americans
got alien technology, then these technologies were already
�”Second-hand”, cool “diluted” by German engineering.
Or maybe aliens here and does not smell? The Germans could well have created
�”Flying saucers” themselves, in this case, however, to talk about some
unearthly technology is not necessary. Probably therefore, no one nothing
this supernatural never noticed from the USA for everything
these 70 years, that’s remarkable …

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