Siberia – the “place of power” of the Earth, the hope of salvationof humanity

The shamans of Siberia talked about this at all times. Today to this
independent researchers come to the conclusion at least
calling such a place of power Western Siberia.

Specifically, it is well known to paranormal researchers.
phenomena of the town of Okunevo, around which seemed to be grouped
all kinds of anomalous zones: Arkaim, Dyatlova Pass (mountain
Otorg), Berezov, Chistop mountain range, the Nadym-Urengoy-Taz triad,
The prayer zone, Belukha Mountain and so on – just a whole bunch!

These places have since ancient times been worshiped by the peoples who worshiped
the cult of the “Golden Woman” – Voguls, Khants, Evenks, and their shamans
were so powerful that the surviving legends about them and
their actions are more like fairy tales than real events. By
it is believed that it was here that the well-known Sumerian was born
civilization, not in southern Mesopotamia. Annunaki who
attributed to the birth of that ancient civilization on Earth, supposedly
created Tungai geoglyphs, like many other things, beyond the limits of
of our mind.

In the vicinity of the town of Okuneva continues to concentrate
the tremendous power that today’s shamans claim
Siberia, will soon demonstrate its destination for the whole
планеты, а, в конечном счете, — для существования of humanity в

Recall that such Siberia saw the American “sleeping
prophet “Edgar Cayce, who specifically pointed to her Western
part, clarifying that this is where pure energy is accumulated
Earth, which will be necessary to save the planet and our

One of the oldest prophecies, by the way, is a well-known
Siberian shamans, says that our planet is waiting for self-destruction,
caused by the crazy actions of the world elite. But the Earth and ours
civilization will not perish because at the most critical moment
there will be four of the strongest magicians who will prevent the world
disaster, restoring the foundations of the universe. Today, the prophets of Siberia
indicate that these Mages may be rebels from their
graves: Princess Ukoka (Belukha Mountain), Tisul Princess
(Kemerovo), shaman Oika and one of the priestesses buried near the village

From these graves and mummies, as noted by independent
researchers coming ever-increasing subtle energy, and therefore
It is quite possible that the Spirits guarding the magic circle of the power of the Earth,
are becoming active, preparing for the fulfillment of their great mission.

Most likely, the process of awakening these Higher Forces is no longer in progress.
one decade (judging even by Casey’s prophecy), and the Dyatlov group
in 1959, just got “under the distribution”, something breaking on earlier
nameless pass established here energy and thus
preventing the passage of the intended. Naturally, on a scale of the planet and
even the universe it was just a speck, which some forces, say,
the same shamans, eliminated without any doubt and reflection in
the correctness of his decision …

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