Siberian mammoth family put up forauction

Skeletons 5 woolly mammoths, accidentally found 15 years ago
Siberian builders were put up for sale in English
West Sussex County. For the first time in history, world museums received
the opportunity to acquire the remains of an entire family of extinct elephant.

The prehistoric family, as reported by the British, consists of
adult males and females, as well as their 3 children aged 9, 8 and 1
of the year. According to natural science expert Rupert van
дер Верффа, работающего в auctionном доме «Summers Place Auctions»
in Billingshurst, the skeletons were delivered here in 16 boxes and
for a long time they were assembled by experts – as a constructor.

It is predicted that the remains will be acquired by a certain museum or
even a private collector for an amount in the region of 500 thousand dollars.
For museums it is a very impressive amount, therefore
cultural and educational institution will first have to get
adequate funding for making such a purchase.

According to the official version, woolly mammoths lived 200-300
thousands of years ago in Siberia, spreading from there to Europe and
North America. The males of this species reached a height of 2.8-4 meters,
that is, they were not much higher than modern elephants. Their weight could
up to 8 tons, which is also significantly higher than that of elephants.
These majestic animals died out about 10 thousand years ago, during
the end of the last glacial epoch.

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