Silhouettes on window curtains will protectsingle japanese women

Despite the fact that Japan is considered very calm and
safe state, some citizens of the ascendant
the sun is still forced to fear for their safety. Speech in
in particular, it’s about young single women who can easily
become victims of harasser, maniacs and robbers.

For this reason, the Tokyo-based company Leo Palace 21 invented
highly original security system that will protect
Japanese women from criminals. The company craftsmen have developed a special
a projector casting curtains of moving men’s shadows in
full size.

This should create the impression that the representative of the weak
sex lives not alone, and scare off potential detractors. By
According to the authors of the innovation, the visual illusion turns out to be extremely
realistic, because for its creation are used real
actors performing in front of the camera various routine actions. On
In the current stage, an unusual security system provides more
six hours of unique “shadow movement” on the curtain, before
than the silhouette in the window will begin to repeat its actions again, that is
understand that this is just a game from the street will simply be impossible.

Including the following entry, you can see this “game
shadows’ with my own eyes. See and appreciate …

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