Similar to the Loch Ness monster creatureappeared in the English channel

Josh Hawkins, 25, from the English city of Gloucester
claims that he was lucky to capture on the camera of a smartphone
mysterious creature suspiciously similar to the famous
Loch Ness monster. The alleged monster showed his dark
head from under the surface of the water of the local channel. According to Josh, he
was at that moment at home with friends and watched tv. When
he happened to look out the window, then suddenly he saw in the water near the house
this object. A man tells:

I swear it moved. We guys right away
подумали, что это нечто выглядит прямо как Loch Ness monster. we
were very excited about it: how is it possible that Nessie
turned out to be 500 miles from the native lake? I think it could be
similar waterfowl being its cousin. In any
case, I am very pleased that I managed to record this thing on video.
Some people say that it was supposedly a log sticking out of the water.
or something like that. I would think so too, if I had not seen
the picture I took with my own eyes (unfortunately, the video
does not convey all the nuances, details that the human eye notices). There
there was clearly something alive in the channel, and we will surely hear about it
creation, appeared in Gloucester.

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