Singaporeans claim to have filmed inhis apartment ghost cat

A married couple living in the city of Pasir Rice in the east of Singapore,
I was surprised and somewhat scared when I noticed a few
evenings ago something strange in his apartment.

Mohammed Fawzi Mokhtar and his wife Aisha say that
returned home after work and found their cat Bonita lying
on the floor and staring out into the dark corridor. Looking closely,
Singaporeans have suddenly realized that their pet is watching
incomprehensible translucent silhouette, which also looks like a cat.
Naturally, our heroes immediately decided that it was to them
ghostly purr, trying to make friends with a living relative.

Mohammed and Aisha profess Islam, according to the canons of which
the cat is considered a sublime creature. Therefore, spouses are convinced
that the appearance of a “mustache from the next world” should be a good sign.

Many users of the World Wide Web recognize that the resulting
a pair of videotape with supposed mysticism is enough
unusual, however, they note with regret that they cannot consider
on her cat. Perhaps this is really a mysterious ghost, but
why cats without fail?

Singaporeans in response to this report that the ephemeral animal
as if looking in the opposite direction from the camera. If desired,
they say, in a mysterious figure you can see the tail, head with
sharp ears, body and paws.

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