Sky-Watcher helped catch a throbbingobject in the night sky

Eastern Pennsylvania Amateur Astronomer on the Night of January 2
2018 came out to admire the “Wolf Moon”, perhaps even remove
something really unusual in the night sky, he suddenly noticed
mysterious pulsating star that was just below and
slightly to the right of Selena.

This is how an American comments on what he represents today.
in the form of photographs to the court of Internet users:

It was clearly not a plane, but some kind of satellite or even a UFO — I
for some reason I thought about this because, first, this
the object “hung” in the sky for several hours, and secondly, it all
this time remained as bright as at the beginning, when I only
that noticed this mysterious star. Then I even determined that she
Lit near the constellation Canis Minor.

Later, I considered this celestial object more thoroughly in
Sky-Watcher amateur telescope that helped me see
some details of the intended satellite. I realized that it was
a disk-shaped ship, possibly an alien, and on it quickly
fires were spinning, which in this case flashed and went out, and
constantly changing their color. In the middle of the UFO remained dark
emptiness, although from time to time some appeared in it
specks of lights. The sight was just spectacular, so regret
that I went to admire the moon, I did not have that night
no reason.

Internet users appreciate photos
American amateur astronomer, sorry, they complained that he was not
I was able to take it all on video, why share his delight from
Seen somewhat difficult, although, to be sure, on earth satellite
it doesn’t seem like that, so the material seems to be interesting for
ufologists and everyone who is interested in alien themes …

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