Sleeping upside-down baby scared babysitter

A young nanny, Michaela Long from California, was terrified,
when she looked after a newborn girl recently.

Our heroine looked at the screen of baby monitors – electronic
devices for remote monitoring of children – and unexpectedly
noticed that the baby is sleeping upside down! American first not even
believed her eyes and rebooted the baby monitor, considering it

However, Michaela’s ward was still in the crib.
upside down. Long admits that she flashed through her mind
A lot of creepy thoughts. For example, the fact that the baby took possession
evil forces, or about intruders who entered the house and killed
girl Our heroine ran into the nursery and was relieved
found that the baby is only sleeping in such a strange position.
The American laid the newborn properly and went back to
living room.

However, Michaela still can’t stop thinking about
in this case, and with her, the parents of the girl who the nanny doesn’t
She told about what had happened. Couldn’t baby
stand up on your head and fall asleep in this position? Can that
be so that someone helped her? No wonder in the mythology of many nations
there are evil beings who sneak up at night to
small children and in every way harm them. Unfortunately impartial
baby monitor did not record this prankster or even an attacker
from the subtle world …

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