Small and ultra fast UFOs are constantly flyingabove us

There are people, and by the way, there are quite a few who have never seen
UFOs personally and therefore really want this. But according to ufologists,
unidentified objects constantly fly over our heads and their
a lot – just manage to fix.

Another thing is that they are quite small and are worn with terrifying
speed, why the simple eye to keep track of them just
is impossible. But if you resort to a good video camera, you can
take off all these flights and follow the small and super fast

What are they characterized by:

  • a lot of them, it seems that with the help of these, apparently,
    drones, aliens totally watching humanity;
  • they fly with great speed, while they can instantly
    rotate, say, 90 degrees, breaking all sorts of physical
  • appear as if from “nowhere”, they also disappear instantly,
    as if going into “nowhere”. However, some UFOs rise from
    surface to the sky, while others, on the contrary, descend from the sky to
  • quite small (up to 10 centimeters), and therefore difficult
    assume that they are manned (unless the gnomes);
  • most often spherical, but at high speed
    like “pull out.”

Just above is a video from one of the observers for these
alien drones, thanks to which you can see for yourself
that these small UFOs are many. In any case, you can do it yourself.
shoot the sky overhead and, as the author of the video,
you will surely catch a few pieces flying into your camera lens
above the head of the mysterious balls – catch literally in a few

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