Smart and possess amazing abilitiesthe animals

In spite of the fact that the person appropriated rationality to himself, having deprived them
all the rest of the world, this world itself, and especially the animal world,
constantly, as they say, wipes the proud Homo sapiens nose. And
wipes not only in rationality, but also in unique abilities,
that seem to man fantastic, because he himself is not only them
does not have, but even can not really explain, despite all
my scholarship …

Riding a ram does not always end safely

We offer to see an amusing and instructive at the same time.
video shot at the end of last month. On it you can see how
A resident of Nepal brings a flock of sheep to the capital’s Kathmandu market.

Поскольку the animals были предназначены для продажи, хозяин в
decides to demonstrate its high
quality, namely endurance and the health of sheep. To this end, he
decides to ride on one of them.

This he manages to the full, since the Nepali pals
the cattleman gladly shot a horse on a ram on a video of his
smartphones. But what happened next was obviously not expected by anyone,
therefore, a unique recording was most likely made by chance
when the operator hesitated and for some reason did not turn off the camcorder, did not
despite the fact that the shepherd has already jumped off the ram and headed off
from the flock – in the direction of his buddies.

And here is the most interesting thing: offended ram, not
accustomed, apparently, to be treated so unceremoniously,
turns, almost instantly overtakes the insolent and strong
butts him back, causing the shepherd to fly into the air and then fall on
the earth. And an animal with a sense of duty proudly
joins his herd.

So consider after this that the sheep are stupid and do not understand anything,
not to mention some high feelings of these animals. An, no,
they all understand, all feel, only they cannot say.
But it was easy to butt – easily …

Mountain Goat Phenomenon

Mountain goats, though difficult to compare with domestic sheep, however
they have something in common, and therefore in this note we consider
the uniqueness of these animals in terms of their fantastic
opportunities to run on sheer cliffs, clearly breaking laws
gravity. The fact is that few people have seen mountain
while the goat falls into the abyss. But even the birds sometimes fall
to the ground…

Biologists, such as Italian Federica Grassi, are
explain quite simply, they say, mountain goats have narrow and
strong hooves that can move apart and clasp tightly
with its soft pads (like suckers) a stone ledge on
the rocks. Plus a great sense of balance due to extreme
sensitive ears that can catch even a light whiff
breeze, as well as sharp eyesight, allowing you to choose the right stones
for movement, and here you have almost fantastic pictures,
когда довольно крупные the animals скачут по отвесным скалам, словно
flit through the air.

But what strikes the inquiring mind is: why mountain goats never
they are mistaken and, one may say, do not fall into the abyss. It can not
is it to be that at least some pebble in the rock but not
proved shaky. Scientists really and here find an explanation, they say, in
In this case, the animal immediately jumps to another ledge. But how
you can push off from a pebble that crumbles under the hoof when
the animal still just falls on him? ..

By the way, in Morocco is far from mountainous, and domestic goats jump on
argan tree branches, savoring its fruits (see this
video), they easily get to the very top and … never
are falling. How do they determine that this or that twig will sustain them
the weight that she is not cracked by the previous goat is not clear …

And such phenomena in the animal world – do not count …

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