Snake-like space object hit the lensNASA cameras

Enthusiasts, leading popular ufological YouTube channel
�”Disclose Screen”, published mysterious images, recently
received by them from their subscriber. The author of the post says that
watched a NASA live broadcast on Sept. 16 in which
space showed Hurricane Florence, which hit at that time on the United States.
At some point, the lens suddenly got incomprehensible
object like a huge snake. Startled spectator hurried
capture what you see on the video.

Our hero did not have the technical ability to write directly
TV, so he had to shoot a screen on the smartphone’s camera
own TV, why, as a matter of fact, quality suffered
roller. However, this anomaly is perfectly visible on
the video below.

But what could it be: an unidentified flying object,
alien monster, an amazing cosmic anomaly or just
помехи в объективе веб-NASA cameras? Alas, the answer is no
can give even the most reputable ufologists. At the same time, scientists
NASA agency itself / as a rule, keep silent …

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