Snow-white “flying saucer” photographedin virginia

In the American city of Ashburn, Virginia captured
unusual ufo. This is reported by a famous Taiwanese ufologist Scott
Waring with reference to the international ufological organization “Mutual
UFO Network “, which experts and received a snapshot of” flying
plates ”from an American photographer. According to Waring, he never
did not come across before with such distinct and vivid images
flying machines of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization.

It is known that the mysterious frame was received on March 15 of the current
of the year, however, for various reasons, it became public
only today. An amazing photo shows the snow-white
disc-shaped object with a kind of “phantom” just above it.
Experts suggest that the translucent “twin” UFO
appeared in the picture due to the high speed of the object and
camera shake. Or perhaps it’s about some kind of force field.

Skeptics, of course, have their own theories about nature
this unidentified object. Some doubters say it
it was just a bizarre cloud, though similar bizarre clouds
already a mystery, no less interesting than a UFO (read
about this on our site an article about reasonable clouds). By
the opinion of others, it’s about a small object
running near the camera. For example, about a plastic toy.
frisbee, that is, the picture itself – fake. Still others argue that
the picture was taken near the window, and in front of us – just a reflection
Glowing ceiling chandeliers in a perfectly clean glass.

The Mutual UFO Network, according to Scott Waring,
doubt the authenticity of the picture, otherwise they simply would not
laid out in the network. And if so, given its slow progress
In the Internet, something does not believe in the rally by the author. Then
what is it? Is there another unidentified UFO ufo?
How many of them divorced, with all sorts of shapes, colors and
other fantastic manifestations. What was easier in the last century
when people basically saw “flying saucers” in the form of classic
drives …

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