Snowman can becomeinvisible

Snowman is still not recognized by academic science by
the simple reason that he is neither caught, killed, nor even removed on
quality video fails. Too smart, agile and cautious
this yeti.

But not only the above qualities help him to be
elusive. This is a mysterious creature without any exaggeration.
possesses those lost properties that could be possessed and
man, if he was not pushed to the development of man-made
the script. Namely: the yeti owns telepathy, hypnosis and can
становиться invisible или, как говорят независимые ученые,
partially or completely move in parallel

Perhaps that is why there is even the opinion that the snowman –
unreal being or even alien. But if you turn to
stories of this legendary North American hominid,
they considered him to be a completely human-like animal,
clearly separating from the forest spirits or ghosts, however, attributing to him
some superpowers, including the ability to become
invisible to human eyes.

Investigators and witnesses of the Invisible Yeti

This is noticed by many yeti hunters or even random people
faced with this mysterious creature. Here, for example, as
describes a similar meeting of American farmer Lyle Maxson:

In 1977, a big foot appeared in our area;
notice people and report it to the police, the poet will soon
order, hunters on the snowman, journalists and just
curious here appeared a great many. Personally, I thought
all this fake staging, excessive hype that I never
not welcomed in life. But one evening I myself ran into
this mysterious creature. No, I did not see him, I heard him. It
walking beside me in the twilight of the oncoming night, crunching, puffing
and nozzles, but at the same time, no matter how I strained my eyes, I did not see anyone. I
he even lit a flashlight, but it also turned out to be useless. Unequivocally
Bigfoot can become invisible to the eyes …

But what the independent researcher of the phenomenon says about it
�Bigfoot Thomas Hughes:

Yeti can increase the frequency of their bodies to such a level that
just disappear from sight of a person. They do it, I think,
easily, almost on the machine, as soon as they see or feel a person,
because he is the most dangerous enemy for them: people from deep antiquity
hunted these mysterious hominids, so they have in their genes –
be wary of such meetings. This is why bigfoot is so difficult even
to meet, let alone kill, and to catch alive is certainly from
areas of science fiction …

Something similar can be read on the spiritual site Soul
Guidance, where another Yeti explorer shares his
considerations about the fantastic abilities of these

Bigfoot easily changes the physical frequency, so
can not only become invisible to our imperfect
view, but generally move to another dimension. While yeti
can watch us from that parallel world or even
be in the border space: in this case they publish
sounds we hear, even able to hit a person, but at the same time
remain invisible. It is not by chance that there are so many cases when hunters
they shoot a snowman, and he disappears before their eyes. By this
why did people see the yeti easily passing through walls
suddenly disappears on videotape and so on.

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